USA – Washington

Windy Night

Vantage, Washington, USA
Canon EOS 5D Mark III | ISO 200 | 32mm | 243 sec | F/4

From last night on the Wild Horse Wind & Solar Facility in Vantage. The conditions were challenging for star photography with a full supermoon and a cloudy sky. We experimented for a few hours with both short and long exposures. In the end, long exposures which highlighted the bright streaking clouds won out.

The final image is a composite of 3 frames: a low-ISO long exposure (4 min) for the majority of the scene, a high-ISO short exposure (0.3 sec) to capture the spinning blades of the wind mill, and a final exposure that shows Nate manually lighting up the wind mill for scale.

Dungeness Lighthouse

Dungeness Spit, Washington, USA
Canon EOS 5D Mark III | ISO 100 | 32mm | 134 sec | F/8

Another long exposure image — this one from our Sunday hike to the lighthouse at the end of Dungeness Spit on the Olympic Peninsula. The weather was that perfect mix of sun and cloud with a strong wind to boot — ideal for those wispy clouds… This was the last frame of the afternoon before we turned back for our 6-mile beach hike back to reality.


Seattle, Washington, USA
Canon EOS 5D Mark III | ISO 100 | 25mm | 1.3 sec | F/16

From a photowalk with friends at the Kubota Garden this morning.  I surprised myself by converting this image to black and white — despite its original vivid colour and luminosity.  The texture in the image was generated in camera (not in post-processing as is quite popular) as a result of the camera shake I applied during the exposure.

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Tacoma Cable Stayed Bridge

Tacoma, Washington, USA
Canon EOS 5D Mark III | ISO 100 | 70mm | 180 sec | F/11

Nate and I were in Vancouver, Canada last week-end for Marc Koegel‘s “Fine-Art Long Exposure Photography” workshop at Vancouver Photo Workshops.  You can read Nate’s own write-up about it here.   Inspired by the experience, we went scouting for some new locations suited to long exposure photography around Tacoma.  Tacoma turns out to have several such locations with the Glass Museum, Marine Park, Titlow Park and the Tacoma Cable Bridge.  This image is a 3-minute exposure using a stacked 10-stop B+W ND filter and a Singh-Ray Vari-ND filter.  The image was post-processed using Lightroom 4, Photoshop CS6 and Nik Color Efex 4.


Macro Madness

Redmond, Washington, USA
Canon EOS 5D Mark III | ISO 100 | 100mm | 1.3 sec | F/4.5

Nate and I took a macro photography workshop yesterday offered by Charles Needle.  The day-long event involved much experimentation and was a great deal of fun.  Nate wrote more about the workshop here.  This image  is my first shot on the photoblog from the new 5D Mark III. What an upgrade from my previous camera (Canon 40D) — why did I wait so long?  🙂  This particular frame was captured with a 100mm F/2.8 macro lens along with a borrowed Canon 500D close-up filter.

Ford Truck in the Palouse

Colfax, Washington, USA
Canon EOS 40D | ISO 100 | 10mm | 1/6 sec | F/22

Captured last summer during a week-end getaway to the Palouse in Eastern Washington.  One of those photogenic barns (right outside Colfax proper) that beckon you.  The owner clearly looks after his property and is a very nice man.   I experimented with some HDR rendition but ultimately chose the single processed shot developed in Lightroom 4.

R.I.P. Steve

CreativeLIVE, Seattle, WA, USA
Canon EOS 40D | ISO 250 | 50mm | 1/100 sec | F/6.3

Another image from the back alley shoot at the David Nightingale’s CreativeLIVE workshop last week-end and a clear departure from my normal style! The shot was setup by Nick Wray who was directing the model. Post-production was inspired by Michael Regnier‘s work as showcased in Chromasia’s “Working with Textures” online tutorials.


In My Hands

CreativeLIVE, Seattle, WA, USA
Canon EOS 40D | ISO 250 | 50mm | 1/6400 sec | F/1.4

Another image from the David Nightingale’s CreativeLIVE workshop last week. This one from the back alley shoot on the first afternoon. The setup was unusual for me as it involved directing a model — but I was quite happy with the retro look of the final image.


Seattle, Washington, USA
Canon EOS 40D | ISO 250 | 50mm | F/1.4 | 1/2000 sec

Captured in the back alley behind the CreativeLIVE Studio in Seattle. The shot is an outtake from the David Nightingale (of Chromasia fame – workshop on Dramatic Post-Processing. I couldn’t use the shot in the session’s recording without a signed model release from Eugene.


Seabrook, Washington, USA
Panasonic LX3 | ISO 80 | F/8.0 | 1/200 sec

Finally got a glitch on the blog fixed and can publish again. I have a bit of a backlog to go through… Enjoy!

Frost & Flow

Snoqualmie Falls, Washington, USA
Canon EOS 40D | ISO 100 | 144mm | 1.3 sec | F/25

Snoqualmie Falls looked stunning during the recent cold spell in Western Washington. But although the falls looked spectacular surrounded by giant icicles, the light wasn’t terribly inspiring when I visited yesterday. So I turned my attention to the frosted rocks and the flow of the river…

Orange Butterfly

Pacific Science Center, Seattle, WA, USA
Canon EOS 40D | ISO 800 | 200mm | 1/200 sec | F/4.0

First image in a little while and it’s an “oldie.” This one was captured in the Tropical Butterfly House at Seattle’s Pacific Science Center. Great location for an afternoon of fun…

Just came back from a trip to the Galàpagos Islands in Ecuador. So you can look forward to more wildlife and bird photography in the upcoming posts…