On the Khlong

Amphawa Floating Market, Thailand
Canon EOS 40D | ISO 100 | 50mm | 1/50 sec | F/2.8

Amphawa is considered by many to be a much more ‘authentic’ floating market. Despite not being on the main tourist track, it is becoming increasingly popular especially with visitors from Thailand and Asia at large.


Seattle, Washington, USA
Canon EOS 40D | ISO 250 | 50mm | F/1.4 | 1/2000 sec

Captured in the back alley behind the CreativeLIVE Studio in Seattle. The shot is an outtake from the David Nightingale (of Chromasia fame – http://www.chromasia.com) workshop on Dramatic Post-Processing. I couldn’t use the shot in the session’s recording without a signed model release from Eugene.


Bhaktapur, Nepal
Canon EOS 40D | ISO 250 | 32mm | 1/30 sec | F/7.1

Children loved to greet us everywhere we went in Nepal…


Kathmandu, Nepal
Canon EOS 40D | ISO 200 | 200mm | 1/400 sec | F/5.6

From a magical afternoon at Boudhanath where thousands of monks of all ages had gathered to chant around the stupa…


Seabrook, Washington, USA
Panasonic LX3 | ISO 80 | F/8.0 | 1/200 sec

Finally got a glitch on the blog fixed and can publish again. I have a bit of a backlog to go through… Enjoy!